Development of Summer Thermocline in the Persian Gulf

By Seyed Majid Mosaddad, Abbasali Akbari Bidokhti and Hooshang Basirparsa.

Published by The International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses

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The Persian Gulf is a semi enclosed shallow sea which is connected to open ocean through a narrow channel called Strait of Hormuz. This shallow sea is an important ecosystem with regard to biology, fishery, shipping and oil industry. Tide, wind and evaporation loss that leads to buoyancy, are important effects in physical oceanographic state of the Persian Gulf. According to past research, baroclinicity and stratification are two properties in the Persian Gulf that lead to modular large and small scales mixing due to varying effects of these factors during the year. In fact, thermocline development and its variation in space and time affect turbulence and internal waves propagation through water environment that affect mixing of water column. Here the salinity and temperature fields of water are analyzed using CTD data for winter and summer times. The Salinity and temperature observations show that the thermocline is effectively removed due to strong wind mixing and lower solar radiation in winter but is gradually recovered during spring and summer. In the strait of Hormuz, as a result of exchange flow between the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea due to buoyancy, the water column often consists of a two layer, as an inverse estuary.

Keywords: Persian Gulf, Seasonal Thermocline, Stratification

The International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses, Volume 1, Issue 4, pp.71-80. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 2.218MB).

Seyed Majid Mosaddad

Ph.D student in physical oceanography, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran

Abbasali Akbari Bidokhti

Ph.D of GFD, institute of Geo physic, University of Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Im studying and teaching in our Org. My favourite scientific fields are computer and intelligence in it. Im interested in writing articles due to researchs. My math and English are good too.

Hooshang Basirparsa

Ph.D in Meteorology, Meteorology Organization, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


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