Developing Spiritual Intelligence in Response to Climate Change

By Tim Rimmer.

Published by The International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses

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This paper assumes climate change is both occurring and contributing to global concerns of economic instability and lowered resource availability. Attempts to address such issues by adoption of sustainable development are not fully effective, because at the political level the approach continues to place cultural, social and environmental elements within an economic worldview. It is argued here however, that real sustainability results from full integration of all elements into a systemic or holistic worldview. At a personal level such a perspective is grounded in wisdom resulting from experience of oneself as a much less separated part of an evolving whole (life). Accompanying such experience is the realisation that there is a connection between the human ‘inner’ environment and what occurs ‘outside’. Human thought therefore affects the world at a fundamental level, so an opportunity exists for astute consideration of resulting action, in other words much greater personal responsibility. Such knowledge can be viewed as spiritual. Application of such knowledge to daily life is the domain of spiritual intelligence, a deeply informed yet practical approach that underpins true sustainability. After further clarification of the concept, this paper discusses some of the
ways such wisdom can be fostered, why this is important and how spiritual intelligence when developed, can be applied to help us all in uncertain times ahead.

Keywords: Spiritual Intelligence, Sustainability, Holistic World-View, Personal Responsibility, Self Awareness

The International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses, Volume 1, Issue 3, pp.131-148. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.749MB).

Tim Rimmer

Lecturer, School of the Built Environment, Unitec New Zealand, Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand

Teaches philosophy, resource management, sustainable design, with research interests in environmental philosophy and application of appropriate technology. Works also as an environmental engineering consultant.


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